Nurturing Nature attending BIAZA Conference on terrestrial invertebrates

July 13, 2016

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Terrestrial Invertebrate & Native Species Working Group Conference 2016 Reaseheath College

Presentation. “Is your bee hotel a reservoir for pests and disease?”

Its a long slow process trying to wean people off from buying flimsy or totally unsuitable ‘bee hotels’ in the belief that they are helping bees. Sadly in many cases the exact opposite is happening. Thus I am really looking forward to giving my presentation, “Is your bee hotel a reservoir for pests and diseases” to members of BIAZA and other attendees at this fascinating 3 day conference packed full of talks, stalls, workshops all about terrestrial invertebrates.

Nurturing Nature attending BIAZA

In their paper ‘Bee Hotels’ as Tools For Native Pollinator Conservation: A Premature Verdict? MacIvor and Packer found ” at their worst, bee hotels may act as a population sink for bees through facilitating the increase of parasites, predators….and diseases”. People need to be made aware!


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