Using peat, coir and coconut fibres for gardening

November 12, 2010

in Gardening For Wildlife

Simply add water

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As with many things in life today, it is only when we dig deeper that simple things , simply are n’t simple anymore!!

I was recently asked what harm there was in using the ‘old’ traditional media peat, successfully used by generations to grow and raise plants and flowers. The person concerned was a die hard traditional gardener who still used peat today. No matter what I said, I could not convince him that it may have been used successfully by gardeners to plant their bedding plants in the borders, or used as a top dressing on the soil to ‘look nice’! He simply would not be persuaded that for the sake of nature, wildlife and the environment, we should be using alternatives of which there were many to use. It reminded me of an article I wrote some time ago.

If you would like to download it you are welcome…..Peat and coir

An up to date article about peat (2015) by Prof. Mark Reed B’Ham University is available to download here

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