Speke Hall, making compost from kitchen garden waste

January 3, 2012

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Speke Hall gets into making garden compost!

The National Trust’s Speke Hall in Liverpool is a magnificent Tudor house, one of my preferred National Trust properties. A lot of work is undertaken keeping it a popular place to visit. But behind the scenes there are many activities that go towards helping keep Speke Hall and its beautiful gardens well worth a visit. It is a hidden jewel and people do forget about it when it is almost on your doorstep!

Speke Hall, in Liverpool, a magnificent Tudor house in beautiful grounds, a hidden jewel in Liverpool!

Composting at Speke Hall. One of my favourite activities, producing compost in a short time from waste vegetables, grass, weeds and cardboard. An activity that goes on behind the scenes helping to keep Speke Hall beautiful!

Speke Hall waste material collected ready for composting

The material was collected from the kitchen garden and cafe at Speke Hall, piled here ready to be processed by me.

Speke Hall more material ready for composting

More material was collected, now the process can begin!

Speke Hall composting material processed and ready to compost in bin 1

Now a few more steps are needed for the composting process to start its magic …

Speke Hall compost bin 1 ready for action

The magic can start now…..let’s have a look at it after just one week.

Speke Hall composting in action!

Notice how much it has shrunk by volume…..the magic is working!

Speke Hall compost on fire!

The process is certainly working just look at the steam……

Speke Hall compost on fire, a sure sign it is working

Let’s have a closer look…..

Speke Hall composting process up and close in hot action!

It hardly looks recognisable after just one week.The compost is used on the vegetable growing plot at Speke Hall with many of the vegetables making it on the plate in the cafe at Speke Hall, helping you to enjoy good home grown food as part of your visit! Staff, volunteers etc., can now all compost away recycling weeds and vegetables from the cafe!

For more information about compost contact me:

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peter rigby January 3, 2012 at 4:20 pm

Brilliant George – many thanks for sight of this – very helpful for the future!! Keep up the excellent work my friend. PJR.


nurturingnature January 3, 2012 at 5:04 pm

Pete, will take you to Speke Hall on day!! Cheers G


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