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April 18, 2016

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Want to know how to make Garden Compost?

Garden Compost Nurturing Nature

Burton & Rossett Horticultural Society aims to encourage good horticultural and gardening practices in the local area, through a variety of talks, workshops and outings, as well as two annual shows.

After his successful and entertaining  Garden Bumblebee presentation last year, George from Nurturing Nature, is returning to explain his methods of garden compost making.

Download the value of mulching to wildlife and gardens by George Pilkington

St. Peter’s School, Chapel Lane, 7.30pm


“On Wednesday 20th April 2016 nearly 40 members were delighted to welcome back George Pilkington, who, following last year’s great talk on Bumble Bees, educated and entertained us this time on the subject of compost.

George, an Environmental Educationalist, Researcher and Inventor, once again enthralled his audience by explaining not only how to make excellent compost (and not the soggy mess some of us have produced in the past) but how to turn garden waste into good quality compost in only one month!!!

In his simple, straightforward style, George detailed the key do’s and don’ts of compost making, and then went on to explain the benefits and uses of good quality compost.

A subject which, from the title, may have sounded dull and uninteresting, was brought to life, was informative and interesting, and held the audience’s attention throughout the talk and the numerous questions from the audience.

Many went home thinking “now I know where I have been going wrong”!!

Thanking George on behalf of the members, John Whiteley said “last year your talk on Bumble Bees was a subject of conversation for weeks – this year you have again exceeded our expectations”. JW Chairman.

George Pilkington Composting jpg

Absolutely fascinating. I can’t wait to get home, experiment and make some decent compost!

I thought it would be uninteresting. You made it so interesting and put it across so well. Thank you.

Now I know were I have been going wrong for all these years. It was a revelation!

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