Emerald Damselfly (Lestes sponsa) hunting, catching and eating prey in wildlife garden Oh the joys of wildlife gardening! Bees, birds, hedgehogs, frogs, newts, butterflies, wasps, moths, dragon and damselflies! I was just looking at some wildflowers and caught this damselfly resting on a flower stem, growing in my new wildflower meadow.. more soon on that topic!! […]

Large Red damselfly using my new wildlife garden pond to oviposit Wildlife gardening brings such pleasure and beauty into a wildlife garden, if you let it! This beautiful Large red damselfly? (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) took some time to lay her eggs inside the water mint in my new wildlife pond, (no fish allowed!) You can see that […]

Homemade mosquito trap for home or garden. I have seen mosquito type larvae in my pond where I do have predators to keep them in check. I like to have a Plan ‘B’ though! This video embassies typical mistakes that can be made and therefore not make this trap as effective as it could be. […]

Silk on hedgerows or trees at this time of the year? You may see layers of silk along hedges or trees. Silk is made by both the Ermine moth and the Oak Processionary moth. So which is it?   4 June 2014 At this time of year we often receive reports of ghostly silken webbing covering […]

Lets help the pollinators and have fun learning! Dear enthusiast, We are all concerned at the plight of our bees and other wild pollinators due to loss of habitat, the introduction of new diseases, and widespread pesticide use. You are receiving this email because you previously signed up to take part in or hear more […]

Dad I think we need to talk about the birds, bees and flowers! Sometimes kids have a way with words!!   From a lovely Finnish web site in English, which I can recommend if you like nature, the environment and a host of related topics in cartoons! Well worth a visit!  

Solitary wasp as an aphid pest controller! Not all wasps sting us! Most never show any interest in us humans to the slightest degree. They prey upon smaller invertebrates including solitary bees and even honeybees outside their busy bee hives.  The wasps either chew up and feed the prey to their young or as in the case of solitary wasps, prey items are […]

 Little Christmas helpers No, not Santa’s elves! These little helpers are much much smaller and deserve our help! What a great infogram! Kudos to whomever took the time to make it. Thanks! Come Dine with bee The Urban Pollinators Project team have recently launched a new and exciting crowdfunding campaign called ‘Come Dine With Bee’.       […]

The insects that made Christmas   Bah! Humbug! So what if all these wasps, midges, flies, bees and other insects all die out? What good are they anyway? Good riddance I say!  Oh! How often I hear these or similar words!! Well for starters Christmas would not be the same! —————————————————————————————————————- At least 15 elements of […]

Hibernating peacock and small tortoiseshell butterflies in houses-what to do I often am asked what is the best way to deal with butterflies found hibernating in houses. This may be of interest. The small tortoiseshell butterfly may be found indoors overwintering 18 December 2012 The Red Admiral, which has become a common sight in British winters […]