Nurturing Nature bumblebee nest boxes used at a scientific research lab

January 30, 2015

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 Dr C Moffat- “Why we chose Nurturing Nature for our bumblebee research programme”

I’ve spent several years working with bumblebees both outside in the field and indoors inside a research laboratory at the University of Dundee.  While looking for well-designed nest boxes to augment our current laboratory set up and also for use outdoors in field experiments I encountered many commercially available bumblebee nest boxes.  Unfortunately, all too often their design seemed generic.

Dr C Moffat with Nurturing Nature Nest bumblebee nest box

The bumblebee nest boxes offered by Nurturing Nature and the siting/usage instructions have clearly taken into account the needs of a bumblebee queen and colony during its establishment and growth.  Using very fine steel mesh to prevent parasites from gaining easy access to the nest and incorporating an innovative wax moth panel are two features that made these nest boxes stand out in my mind.  The nest boxes are sturdy and well manufactured. 

Nurturing Nature bumblebee nesy box viewing panel

They have a base built in, ensuring they are elevated slightly from the ground and the red perspex panel under the lid ensures that bees are not disturbed when the nest box is opened for observation, as bumblebees cannot see red light.


Dundee university bumblebee labs Nurturing Nature


After seeing the nest boxes and speaking to George, it is clear that he has taken the time to observe bumblebee queen behaviour and test many prototype nest boxes before finalising the design.  The customer service I received from George was excellent.  He personally delivered 12 nest boxes and took the time to give a presentation, demonstrate their use, explain their design and tell me about their development in full.  Having managed bumblebee colonies in a laboratory on a daily basis and having conducted several large field experiments outdoors, I decided to use nest boxes from Nurturing Nature as they are in my opinion, the best commercially available nest boxes.  I will be using them to host bumblebee nests indoors and outdoors over the spring and summer and I am optimistic that they will perform well.

Christopher Moffat  PhD

Division of Neuroscience

Medical Research Institute

Ninewells Medical School (Level 6)

Room L6/094

Mailbox 6

University of Dundee

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Michael Pilkington January 31, 2015 at 9:14 am

What exciting news for you George.
Well done you.
This could be potentially the start of massive things to come.!!!!


nurturingnature January 31, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Thanks Mike, its nice to see my hard work recognised. It is one of the reasons I designed the nest box for researchers and the public alike!!!! Cheers George


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