Fighting Red mason bees!

Deluxe solitary bee nest box affixed to wall

Deluxe solitary bee nest box. What does go on behind closed doors?








I suspect that not many people will have observed this aspect of solitary bee ecology. I also suspect it is an everyday occurrence for solitary bees. They have to find a suitable cavity, find food to provision it, find mud to make the cells, lay an egg, watch over the cell and fight to keep it. Keep watching and listening, after a bit of push, shove and biting, it gets much better! The cells in the cavity in question has not kept pace with the completed cells above and below it. Perhaps the original owner was killed or for some reason abandoned the passageway. Who is the 3rd combatant, the owner, a squatter, just an opportunist, a recent female ejected from her own cavity? What do you think? Watch the action as it happened. Possible because of the large viewing panels in the new deluxe Nurturing Nature solitary insect nest box…watch it on your full sized screen for better effect.

                Nurturing Nature “Bringing nature into your life”

Open the two large windows to observe the secret life of solitary bees, the least known pollinators of our food and flowers, such as leaf cutter bees and red mason bees. Watch red mason bees making mud cells, egg laying, pollen storing, the growth of their larvae, spinning of cocoons and even female bees fighting in the chambers!

Remove viewing panels for easy cleaning and allow removal and storage of cocoons.
New improved design now includes a cocoon storage box, underneath the nest box and more cavities. Nesting blocks are easily adaptable to attract other solitary beneficial insects, such as harmless pest control agents, parasitic solitary wasps that feed their young on aphids, sawflies or caterpillars. Optional eco friendly painted version available.
Study and observe their different and interesting life cycles with minimal disturbance.
Introduce school children to the magic of nature right before their very eyes!
Ideal for budding nature lovers at schools, colleges, your back garden and researchers.
FSC wood, sturdy and manufactured in the UK. Unique to the UK. Registered design.
Is your bee hotel a nursery for pests and disease?  Many solitary bee/insect houses available are potential deathtraps for solitary bees and I know from customers that they simply were not aware of any problems. Had they known they would not have bought them.
See my new Registered Design award winning solitary bee box and bumblebee nest box both of which are radical, practical and educational, offering them a safer nesting environment in which you can observe the bees. Great for schools!

For more information about solitary bees and wasps visit BWARS

For more bumblebee information and to help save bumblebees join the Bumblebee Conservation Trust at Stirling University

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