George Pilkington is Nurturing Nature

George Pilkington is Nurturing Nature

Nurturing Nature Ltd – Inspired by Nature, Driven by Science.

Nurturing Nature Ltd (est. 2000) through its Director, George Pilkington, who successfully integrates being an ecologist, environmental educationist, researcher and inventor. After years of painstaking wild bumblebee and solitary bee observations and experimentations, George has created the award-winning Nurturing Nature Bumblebee Nest Box and Solitary Bee Observation Nest Box. In light of the dramatic decline in wild bee populations, George has concentrated on researching the behaviour of bumblebees and in particular, Red Mason bees, to gain insights into increasing the wild bee populations in his garden and the wider countryside. Action to arrest this decline has led to the delivery of inspiring presentations, using his wildlife and organic garden as a case study, to a wide range of professional audiences and the enthusiastic public of all ages. As a step change is the invention of innovative practical and educational bee boxes. These wild bee boxes, as the result of their scientific value and quality of workmanship, have been widely distributed throughout the world. It is hoped that the high-quality information on his website, his presentations and the output of wild bee boxes from Nurturing Nature Ltd. are contributing to educating people and arresting the global decline of wild bee populations.

George Pilkington, Director of Nurturing Nature Ltd. has an MSc. in Countryside Management and a Certificate in Education.

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George Pilkington Nurturing Nature on top table at the Soil Association AGM 2014


Clients and customers include Kew Gardens, RSPB, RHS Harlow Carr, Chester Zoo, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, London School of Economics, Environment Agency, Co-op Bank, BBC Springwatch, Universities, researchers, schools, gardeners, Merseyside and Cheshire Fire Brigade, honey beekeeping groups and more!

Giving a presentation at the Soil Association AGM 2014

Inspiring and informative talks are provided by George Pilkington, on the ecology and challenges facing Wild Bees – the iconic Bumblebees and the largely unnoticed Solitary Bees, both of which are most significant pollinators in the UK. The talks, both here and abroad, on bumblebee and solitary bees, are multi-dimensional consisting of lively talking, striking visual images and films, discussion and the suggestion of practical tasks that people interested in the environment and wildlife gardening can undertake themselves to attract and protect wild bees. George brings everything along that is needed for a productive, stimulating and fascinating learning experience. Other talks are available.

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Find out more about wildlife, nature and environmental education, talks, presentations and teaching sessions.


Bumblebee and Solitary Bee Nest Boxes

Bumblebee Nest Box  ” Inspired by nature, driven by science”.

Bumblebee Nest Box

The Nurturing Nature Bumblebee Nest Box is a real game changer from the usual bumblebee nest box bringing educational features and fun watching bumblebees at work. What could be better?

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 23.42.09

Prof. Dave Goulson’s tweet Mar 2014

In the design of the bumblebee box nearly everything has been thought of, so I can really recommend it. This is one of the very best bumblebee nest boxes I have ever seen. So if you only prepare the nesting material properly, you have a pretty high chance to get a bumblebee nest in the hive. But you also need to have nest searching bumblebee queens in your area and place the box so the queens do find the nest box.

Read the full review  By Atle Mjelde, bumblebee biologist, Norway

“This is the Rolls Royce of nest boxes. It comes complete with all you will need, most importantly the nesting material. I have yet to see a better-designed nest box” from the site.

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Solitary Bee Nest Box  ” Inspired by nature, driven by science.”

Solitary Bee Nest Box

The Nurturing Nature Solitary Bee Observation Nest Boxes optimised for smaller native bees, like the Red Mason and Leafcutter bees.

The Solitary Bee Boxes have two large viewing panels letting you safely follow the life-cycle of the bees with minimal disturbance, ideal for schools, homes, nature reserves and environment centres.

Read more about the Nurturing Nature Solitary Bee Nest Boxes

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See the new Orchard solitary bee observation nest box for schools, orchards, fruit growers, allotments with video

Bee Nest Box Accessories

Find out more about accessories and extras for your Nurturing Nature Solitary Bee Nest Box


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Maxi Waste Buster Wormery

Waste Buster Wormery Maxi

The Nurturing Nature Waste Buster Wormery is fun and easy to use, offering continual interest and fascination with free compost as a reward!

Producing excellent worm compost, the Waste Buster Wormery is specifically designed to care for your worm composting process.

Coupled with the Composting with Worms book the Waste Buster Wormery is the perfect way to reduce your waste and produce excellent compost for your garden!

Find out more about the Nurturing Nature Waste Buster Wormery
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Super Maxi Waste Buster Wormery

Waste Buster Super Maxi Wormery

The Nurturing Nature Waste Buster Super Maxi Wormery is larger than the Maxi and ideal for schools, environmental educators, small catering outlets and B&Bs.

Waste Buster Wormeries manufactured from wood, which can help to regulate the internal temperature as opposed to different materials, meaning you won’t have to replace worms lost due to sudden temperature changes or being too wet.

Organic waste goes in at the top, with quality vermicompost compost ‘harvested’ on a regular basis.

Find out more about the Nurturing Nature WasteBuster Wormery

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Waste Buster Worm Tower in stock

Waste Buster worm tower

The Nurturing Nature Waste Buster Worm Tower houses worms in your soil as they feed upon your kitchen waste fertilising as they move in and out as well as inside the tower. More information/prices etc., here

Placed directly into the soil of your flower or vegetable bed the Waste Buster Worm Tower works by allowing worms free-range in your soil. When organic waste goes into the tower worms, break it down into lovely compost and spread it throughout the bed as they move around freely in their natural home.

What better way to reduce your waste, bring nutrients to your soil and feed your worms!
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Books by George Pilkington

Books by George Pilkington

Gardening for Wildlife

“An eminently simple, straightforward guide to making your garden better for wildlife.”
“Gardening For Wildlife is a model of what a ‘how-to’ book should be.”

Composting with Worms

“Without this book, I would be a rubbish worm-keeper and recycler, with it I’ve gained great knowledge and kept my worms alive, recycled successfully, bred loads of babies…so many mistakes avoided thanks to this book.”

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