Wren find insects after overnight frost in my wildlife garden

June 18, 2015

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The tiny wren finds food amongst the primroses

Its not very often you are lucky to see a wren so close up and feeding, especially after an overnight frost and in such an open piece of ground. This was filmed through my office window.

Wren in garden feeding Nurturing Nature

Troglodytes, troglodytes, meaning cave dweller, is usually found skulking around the undergrowth or amongst the ivy along the garden fence.

I was amazed it found grubs/insects at this time of the year and you can actually see it eating grubs and pecking at leaves. Thrilled to have seen this behaviour so close up. The tiny bird with the very loud song.

Mike Toms of the BTO has written a very interesting article which you can download called ‘Wonderful Wrens’ . I am very pleased to see he mentions the value of a compost heap to these birds, as Compost has many benefits for other wildlife as well!

Fathers Day Gift

If you enjoy wildlife watching in your garden, you may even keep a note as to what birds and wildlife you attract. Put this pleasurable past time to good use! I can recommend the BTO Garden Birdwatch scheme, which if you join you will receive this fantastic book, Garden Birds & Wildlife, making a great Fathers Day gift along with 4 newsletters annually, with up to date wildlife gardening information.

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