Help solve the mystery of the UK’s back garden butterflies

Butterfly Conservation’s newly launched Garden Butterfly Survey will attempt to lift the lid on how garden butterflies are faring.

The survey will reveal garden butterfly declines and increases, how they are affected by climate change, what plants they really prefer and the best size and location for a butterfly-friendly garden.

The UK’s estimated 22 million gardens represent an area roughly the size of Somerset, and at a time when butterflies face unprecedented threat, they offer a potentially huge and vitally important habitat.

Small Tortoiseshell declining in my garden

Small Tortoiseshell declining in my garden often uses Bowles’s Mauve Wallflower to feed upon

The Garden Butterfly Survey will encourage participants to count garden butterflies every month of the year as climate change has seen butterfly flight periods change with some species now flying into the winter.

In my wildlife garden, they do use Bowles’s Mauve Wallflower, a top plant for wildlife gardeners. Solitary bees, bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies agree!

Take part in the Garden Butterfly Survey  see Frequently asked questions

Red Mason bees love my nest box

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