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May 29, 2014

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 TRG Pest Control

I have had numerous emails and phone calls in the North West Area and feel this information’s well worth passing on. I hope more Pest Control Companies think the same way and show such positive action as this company shows.

TRG Pest Control does Not treat or kill Bees, because honey bees are harmless, normally belong to a local Bee Keepers Apiary and are good pollinators, which means that us humans rely on Bees to for help with our food production.

What we have started to get is a lot of call outs to Wasp nests (not unusual and we treat them quickly) but when we attend the customers house we find that they are not Wasps at all but harmless Feral Tree Bumblebees known as Bombus Hypnorum, you can find a fact file on them in our education centre. Our primary advice to everyone is that these bees are harmless and are a valuable environmental resource as long as they are not disturbed by vibration or attempting to move or interfere the nest, here lies the problem and why we have come up with our own unique solution.

We have found these bees in the soffits of houses, in cavity walls, in central heating vent pipes, in tumble dryer vent pipes and most commonly in bird boxes whereupon the humble tree bee is not opposed to evicting Blue Tits and using their nest as a hive. Some of these situations have common sense solutions, the soffits and cavity walls just need to be left alone as the bees are normally at a height that will not bother anyone. However bees in central heating vents, tumble dryer vents and bird boxes attached to peoples homes or garden sheds can cause the bees to come into conflict with mankind.

In these situations we have three real options:

  1. Leave them alone and enjoy them over the summer (Preferred Option)
  2. Re-locate the bees to a new location where they will not be in conflict with mankind (2nd Choice)
  3. Destroy the nest! (Not an option at all, because unlike some pest control companies we refuse to do this)

Traditional bee keepers will not normally attend a feral tree bee nest, so our solution if option (1) is not viable and the bees are coming conflict with mankind through practical problems, fear or health related issues is to collect up the tree bees and give them a home as in option (2).

As with all of the work we carry out we offer a free site survey to our clients so that we are able to fully assess every situation before quoting you with a price, if there is no practical solution then we wont charge you. We have teamed up with our local sustainability group in Burscough and we are able to offer in the right circumstances the opportunity to re-home your harmless but troublesome tree bees.

If you need our help with a tree bee nest , or would like to join our volunteer force of bee landlords for a chance to watch these amazing insects over the summer then contact us on our freephone number 0800 707 6628, email us or use the contact forms on this website.

***News*** We have now setup The Tree Bee Association of Great Britain check out

The TRG Pest Control Team.

Bee Adoption Program

Thanks to Chris Neill who kindly informed me of this action via Nurturing Nature’s  web site.

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For more information and to help save bumblebees join the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

BWARS are recording the spread of B. hypnorum which you can submit a record here and join here

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Caleb June 24, 2014 at 4:09 pm

There is no need to kill honeybees. A simple relocation is definitely the best option rather then killing them.


nurturingnature June 24, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Too right! Cheers George


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