Red tailed Bombus lapidarius queen nest prospecting-movie

April 12, 2012

in A selection of my garden wildlife videos, Bumblebees and their ecology

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Just a few queens not found a nest site yet around my area and still diligently searching, . Wish she would come to my garden, very few prospecting queens this year 🙁 unlike last year. Sometimes called the stone bumblebee ( lapidarius is Latin for stone!) as she has been found to nest in stone walls, in brick walls, under stones and more lately woodcrete bird boxes, a mixture of concrete and sawdust. I have had many nests in the garden over the years, one red tailed built a nest in a blue tit woodcrete box a few years ago. As usual with my garden nests, they fell victim to the notorious wax moth Aphomia sociella.

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