Queen bumblebee searching around dead mouse for possible nest site-movie

April 11, 2012

in A selection of my garden wildlife videos, Bumblebees and their ecology

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Bumblebee queen searching for a nest site.

It is known that queen bumblebees will actively seek out an old mouse nest in which to start her colony. This queen was out prospecting for a nest site and made a dash towards a dead mouse. A dead mouse may mean an old mouse nest nearby? This queen (B.terrestris/lucorum?) not only investigates the dead mouse, she diligently searched under tree roots, under twigs, under leaves, under logs and numerous other places within a meter or so of the dead mouse, probably looking for a mouse nest entrance, that she believed may have been there. Returns to the mouse for a short time and then goes off in search nearby again.This is one of those occasions that you come across very rarely and I was so pleased to have seen it and filmed it using an iPhone 4s.

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