Queen Bombus hortorum foraging on wild primroses video

April 30, 2015

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Probably Bombus hortorum, the Garden Bumblebee, feeding on primroses

This is a longue tongued bumblebee which she would need to collect the nectar deep within the primroses. Its long narrow head helps with this task. Not all bumblebees, frustratingly for them!, can access it as they have shorter tongues. You can see its tongue already extended in places as it flies amongst the closely situated flowers. They will forage on flowers that have long corollae, a long tubelike structure of petals, at the bottom of which lies the nectar.

Bombus hortorum queen on primroses Nurturing Nature

Foxgloves, red clover, dead nettles, honeysuckles, dandelions, lavender, cowslips, vetches, delphiniums, snapdragons, aquilegia and red campion, are used by this bee.

This Bombus hortorum queen is actually nesting in my garden. Notice the pollen on her legs.

For more information about Bombus Hortorum visit BWARS

The best garden flowers for bees by Prof. Dave Goulson

Useful garden bumblebee ID chart by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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