Painted Lady drops in for breakfast!

June 8, 2016

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Painted Lady drops into my wildlife garden for breakfast!  

My 1st ever Painted lady (Vanessa cardui), butterfly, on 5.6.16 in my new house and wildlife garden. I used to get them a few times irregularly in the garden at my old place. It was feeding upon Bowles’s Mauve, a tope wildlife plant. and alliums. From early morning, making several visits throughout the day, feeding and resting. Thank you for your visit you made my day!

Beautiful Painted lady drops in for breakfast!

Beautiful Painted lady drops in for breakfast!

Its right wing was badly torn yet if was still a fast and powerful flier. It originates in Africa and migrates here when some environmental trigger causes some to leave. Our cold winters see it off though and it cannot hibernate here. Shame they are rather beautiful.

Visit Butterfly Conservation for more information

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