Easter Blue tit eggs and easter Red mason bee cocoons

I hope the Blue tits fare better this year than last year 2016 I notice that this female has found a tennis ball as the female did last year! I wonder if it is the same female or even the same tennis ball?

Cleaned and safely stored Red mason bee cocoons

Easter Sunday and the weather is dull today and raining. Although I have seeded my solitary bee nest boxes with some cocoons already, I will await better weather before I add anymore to the nest boxes.

My Humidibee stored the cocoons in perfect condition. Available for sale soon!

Easter is a time of new life and that includes wildlife! Easter Blue tit eggs and easter Red mason bee cocoons both full of new life ready to fill my wildlife garden.

Read my review about Solitary Bees by Ted Benson available from Pelagic Publishing

Want to observe solitary bees in more detail? See my solitary bee observation nest box.

For more information about solitary bees see BWARS

For info and link to buy an excellent book Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland by Steven Falk

An extremely useful resource supports this book by a special web site feature within Steve Falk’s Flickr web site which furnishes extra photos and other useful resources to assist with identification.

Intersted in Citizen Science and pollinators? (e.g. bees!) The Buzz Club

If like me you enjoy watching birds and wildlife in your garden do check out the BTO Garden Bird Watch Scheme… you will find it very interesting and all you do is watch the wildlife and make a note of it whilst having a brew in your armchair!

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Richard Phillips April 18, 2017 at 7:18 am

I have just put my own mason bee cocoons out for this year in my observation box draw. Last year the first ones appeared on 19th April so hoping to see this years soon.


nurturingnature April 19, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Here’s hoping Richard. Cheers , George


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