Defra’s Report 2015: Birds, pollinators, habitats are in decline

January 20, 2016

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Debra’s Report 2015: Birds, pollinators, habitats decline – download report link

According to Defra birds, pollinators and habitats are in continuous decline. That is Defra’s assessment of the UK’s wildlife. This is just a snippet of some stats for stats lovers! Download report below.

Read Defra’s traffic lights label of UK’s state of nature!!

Always read the label!

Always read the label!


1970-2012, 3/4 birds, butterflies, moths and mammals populations of priority species have declined and distribution dramatically dropped.

1980-2010, Butterfly populations have crashed. More than 1/2 of all pollinator species, e.g. bees, hoveflies, are less widespread and declines are more exaggerated in more recent years.

1970-2014 breeding birds: decline 20% woodland, farmland 54% birds, 2014 seabirds 27% lower 1986 levels

1960-2015 Non native species, terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments more than doubled

2010-2015 high or good status surface water bodies down from 36%-35%

Water quality is a major problem.

Extent of protected areas increased by 36,800 hectares since 2010, but proportion of important habitats in favourable habitats decided from 5% to 3% in 2013.

Agri-environment schemes decreased in 2014

70% of people surveyed by Defra and its agencies showed that they were either not aware or not engaged with the UK’s biodiversity loss issues.

Spending down

Government’s spending also shows a lack of concern. £500m in 2013-14 2014-15, £452m of UK public sector funding spent on UK biodiversity

Read and download Defra’s Report UK Biodiversity Indicators 2015

Also here JNCC web site

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