Death in the organic lavender bed at Ryton Gardens Bee Festival video

August 1, 2016

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Death in the organic lavender bed at Ryton Gardens

The Bee Festival, part of the Blooms for Bees campaign, which I attended this weekend was, for me, a resounding success. It was great to be surrounded by people that liked and were engaged in wild bees. I had scores of people asking me questions about my award winning bumblebee nest and solitary bee nest boxes. Although some were a little upset when I told them that most bee hotels may be unsuitable !

Well done to Gemma Foster, Judith Conroy and co for organising it. It was brilliant. Thanks for a lovely weekend!

Paralysed honeybee awaiting its grim death

Paralysed honeybee awaiting its grim death

Whilst myself and Ron Rock watched on in our stalls as Brigit Strawbridge, Steven Falk and Richard Comont used a net to capture a bee, then show it to the public, a spider was busy using a different ‘net’ to capture a bee…… to eat!


The life and death struggle that occurs everyday in our gardens is a fascinating aspect of wildlife gardening. Break away from your mobiles/PCs and get out into the garden. Watch, listen and observe. Even for 5 minutes! It really is so enjoyable!!

You can download the Blooms for Bees App which features a Bumblebee identification, illustrations, photographs and descriptions for FREE!

Steven Falk’s excellent book Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland

Interested in Citizen Science and Pollinators? Visit the Buzz Club

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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