Bombus terrestris queen bumblebee foraging on Mahonia japonica 30 Nov 17

November 30, 2017

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Winter foraging queen bumblebee. B. terrestris

After seeing B. terrestris workers foraging on Mahonia japonica in Liverpool in Jan 2016, I have kept a lookout ever since for winter activities in the North West.

B. terrestris queen foraging on Mahonia 30:11:17

Whilst out collecting natural materials for a Christmas wreath making session I am giving shortly, a couple walked by and we started talking about birds and berries. During the conversation, I told them that in some areas queen bumblebees were active during the winter. 5 feet away was a flowering Mahonia shrub. I pointed it out to them, telling them it was sustaining some queen bumblebees and was partially responsible for them establishing winter nests, particularly down south. Out of the blue, a queen bumblebee arrived and started foraging right in front of us! I said I wanted to film her for my website, handed my secateurs to the lady and dashed over, stumbling through border vegetation to do so. I heard a very faint “No, you’re not going to film me!” and off she flew. Well, I did, but briefly!!

This is exciting for me now that I know I may see more winter bee activity locally, I plan to seek out more specimens of Mahonia to loiter around!

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