Birds ‘n’ Bees and gardens presentation Warrington Asperger’s Group

October 6, 2017

in A selection of my garden wildlife videos

Asperger’s Group Warrington Fri 20 Oct 2017

The first in a series of fascinating talks by naturalist George Pilkington, about the courtship and nesting behaviour of both garden birds and bees. Learn how some bees are actually ousting birds from their completed nests! See his website for more

Parents and family of Autistic persons are especially invited and people who are interested in Autism.

The cost is £2 for rental of premises. Will you join us?

Ring Mike Hewitt on 01925 220688 if you want to find out more.

Our Asperger’s group invite you to this special meeting at VIP suite, Fairfield Community Centre. We meet every Friday from 6-9 p.m.

Information about Asperger’s, visit Warrington Aspies Group

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