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WasteBuster Wormery - from waste to compost



Many 100’s sold throughout the UK since 2000. 

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National GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Green Apple Award for Best Environmental Practice in 2001

The Waste BusterWormery is fun and easy to use, offering continual interest and fascination with free compost as a reward!

Why I designed and developed the Waste Buster.  

I tried and tested many plastic wormeries over several years; I decided that they were, for many reasons, in effect giving worm composting a bad name. I decided that there must be a better design and a better product in which to house the worms and harvest the worm compost. Something that was different, good quality, aesthetic and more importantly worked. And worked well!

I experimented with different materials, designs and harvesting methods. The result? The Waste Buster.

Designed and developed by myself, manufactured in Lancashire, England, using a natural product in which to house the worms, wood. Wooden containers eliminate the problems usually associated with plastic wormeries. The worms work and breed in a natural environment in a single large space.

I found children are fascinated by worms and decided that I would design Waste Busters with windows. “A Window into the underworld” as one little lad said to me profoundly as he looked at the worms inside!

Get the book – Composting with Worms

“Without this book, I would be a rubbish worm-keeper and recycler, with it I’ve gained vast knowledge and kept my worms alive, recycled successfully, bred loads of babies…so many mistakes avoided thanks to this book.”

Composting with Worms

Producing excellent worm compost, the Waste Buster Wormery is specifically designed to care for your worm composting process.

George Pilkington demonstrates the WasteBuster WormeryThis is a perfect example of working with nature to allow it to look after itself, and us!

The WasteBuster Wormery keeps a more constant temperature than  plastic wormeries, meaning you are less likely to have to replace worms lost due to sudden temperature changes and anaerobic conditions.

The Waste Buster Wormery ensures your worms won’t get too wet and, as long as you feed them regularly with your waste scraps, they will have easy access to food.

Waste in, compost out!

Organic waste goes in at the top, and the continuous system results in quality compost which harvested with ease on a regular basis from the upper part of the wormery.

WasteBuster Wormery for education

N.B. A prototype version. All models have an observation window – ideal for schools and outdoor education centres. The design allows for a continuous fresh air supply to the unit, so smells do not accumulate.

Download the Waste Buster Wormery schools information sheet (PDF)

The Waste Buster Wormery is suitable for organic waste disposal, worm breeding and educational purposes. As with all wormeries, these models need an initial inoculation of worms. Above models are the older version.

“When I was working at Fellfoot park for the National Trust I was delighted with the service you gave us and the quality of the Waste busters They worked hard for us as the Tea room was busy and our little friends did a fantastic job converting the waste into compost. The public loved seeing them at work through the transparent panel. Your advice and support were invaluable as this was a new venture for me. It is clear that you are passionate about Nature and have a sound understanding of working naturally”.

Jacqui Fereday. RSPB. Leighton Moss.

George, just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the wormery – perfect, the worms seem very at home in there. I knew how good the design was, but also very impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship. Thanks again for your help with this.

CS via email


The New Waste Buster Maxi Wormery – with free Composting with worms ebook. SOLD OUT

Waste Buster Wormery Maxi

Composting up to 8kgs of organic waste a week the Waste Buster Maxi will reduce organic waste to landfill and provide quality compost, perfect for your plants.

Coupled with the Composting with Worms book the Waste Buster Wormery is the perfect way to reduce your waste and produce excellent compost for your garden!

Ideal for many households and big enough for larger families.

Size assembled approx Maxi H 63cm, L x 64cm, W 49cm   SOLD OUT


New Waste Buster Super Maxi Wormery SOLD OUT

Waste Buster Super Maxi Wormery

This larger model (as shown above) is ideal for schools, environmental educators, small catering outlets, smallholdings and B&Bs.

Organic waste goes in at the top resulting in quality worm compost harvested on a regular basis

Size: approx assembled with lid L 94cm  x W 67cm x H 64cm ( 37″x 26.5″x  25″)

Free Worm composting e-book


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New Waste Buster Worm Tower

Waste Buster worm tower


The Nurturing Nature Waste Buster Worm Tower houses worms in your soil as they feed upon your kitchen waste fertilising as they move in and out as well as inside the tower.

Placed directly on your flower or vegetable bed the Waste Buster Worm Tower works by allowing worms free-range in your soil. When organic waste goes into the tower worms, break it down into lovely compost and spread it throughout the bed as they move around freely in their natural home.

All figures for organic waste processing amounts are a guide only. Every model includes operations manual & free delivery to mainland UK.
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