Moreish marrows? Forget mincemeat & cheese topping!

November 25, 2010

in Vegetables

Moreish marrow ?

To be honest sometimes when I grow vegetable I forget about some of them as they grow and go past their best, or leave them in the ground accidentally. Like those new potatoes you missed that are now old potatoes and then there are marrows. Yes, I have had marrows stuffed with mincemeat with a cheese and tabasco topping, who has n’t?  Nice, but you can get fed up with it! So I have usually steered away from marrows, thinking they were simply too large and took up too much space. Besides they were usually boring and tasteless. I do know my worms love them in the wormery!  Then I tasted marrow cooking one after watching Nigel Slaters Simple Suppers ( too good to waste series)

Watch it here, ( you will need iPlayer)  ………

The part re marrows is about 1/3 rd way through programme. It has opened my eyes as to other tasty options for marrows.

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