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Effectively castrated by the nematode Sphaerularia bombi, these queen bumblebees cannot nest The queen becomes a surrogate mother for the nematode worms When hibernating in the soil, the fertilised female nematode, Sphaerularia bombi, which only infects bumblebee queens, enters the body of the queen bumblebee and lays her eggs inside her. When the queen emerges in […]

Flint and District Beekeepers Presentation I enjoy giving presentations to honeybee keepers. Many of them are keen ‘experts’ in honeybees and very knowledgeable about them. Its rather nice when they ask me to tell them about garden bumblebees or solitary bees. I loosely class my self as a wild beekeeper! So its nice to exchange […]

Help the Soil Association to achieve a total ban of neonicotinoids. The new DDT? Something unthinkable is happening. Neonicotinoids are still contaminating our countryside, and poisoning our wildlife. A new study from Sussex University, part-funded by the Soil Association, confirms the impact of neonicotinoids or ‘neonics’ may be far worse than we thought. Neonics are toxic […]

Predatory bird kills bumblebee queen After months of hibernating the bumblebee queen eagerly sets out to feed up and start her colony. It’s her life’s quest. Likewise, a predatory bird, probably a Great tit or even a robin, itself getting into breeding condition, sees her as an opportunistic meal.  That’s nature! Her sting and whole insides […]

Spot the queen bumblebee resting in my wildflower meadow Lovely sunny weather today, had a very large B. terrestris queen earlier in the day feeding and resting. Later in the afternoon, found this one resting in my new wildflower lawn, part of my wildlife garden. Based upon a little research and my own observations, I have […]

Bumblebee nest box bedding material “ The instructions included with the Nurturing- Nature Bumble Bee box were very comprehensive. Most other Bumblebee box suppliers give little emphasis to the nest box bedding but the NN box gave excellent instructions and emphasised its importance. After following the instructions and placing the boxes in the garden I was very […]

Queen Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum) cleaning my nails! This particular garden nest was a roaring success as regards producing queen bumblebees. I saw this one actually fly from the nest and then fall to the floor and start crawling. Her wings looked fine and she looked healthy. As she scrambled on the soil surface I […]

Queen bumblebees hibernate don’t they? By rights she should be hibernating. This was a Queen Bombus terrestris however, in some areas of the country, probably due to climate change, these plucky bumblebees have been active particularly in southern  areas and around the midlands.  This one to me was bedraggled, slow, soaked and very sorry looking. The moss […]

Queen tree bumblebees rarely miss an opportunity to use a bird nest box! I had earlier in the year, prepped the blue tit nest box with nesting materials for the blue tits. However, the female blue tit definitely did not like my choice of materials! She wanted her own interior decor, to add a feminine […]

Red tailed bumblebees and other 3 bumblebee species mating You don’t often get to see bumblebees mating. Here I was lucky to be in the right places at the right times to film: B. lapidarius, B. hypnorum, B. terrestris? and B. pratorum. I had some strange looks from passers-by whilst filming this!! The queen is […]