HumidiBee Red Mason Bee Cocoon Storage container

November 19, 2017

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New! HimidiBee Red Mason Bee cocoon storage 

Bed down your hibernating Red Mason bee cocoons in the exclusively designed Crown Bees HumidiBee

Specially imported to the UK and now available here. Limited stock

HumidiBee container. Safely stored Red Mason bee cocoons

A compact, humidity-controlled case protects your slumbering mason bee cocoons throughout the winter. Stores easily in the refrigerator, which when set at 2-4°C provides an ideal and consistent hibernation environment. The moisture absorbing pad ensures a humidity balance of 60-70%. Without this moisture, mason bee cocoons have a tendency to dry out in modern low-humidity, frost-free refrigerators

Features and Benefits:

•Easy to use

•Safe for your bees



•Lightweight, see-through case with clam-shell lid

•Absorbent pad just add a tablespoon of water monthly for safe humidity level

•Holds about 1,500 spring Red Mason bee cocoons

Larger quantities or overseas orders please contact me for a price.

Now taking over the phone credit card details 01925 452819

Imported direct from Crown Bees

Our price  £11 each  Incl Post & Packing to mainland UK only. Limited stock


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