Presentations and talks list

Wild Bees

 Is your bee hotel a nursery for pests and disease?  Review:  given at Kew Gardens by Prof. Phil Stevenson “I have just walked out of a truly entertaining and very informative presentation about wild bees by George Pilkington.  Outstanding and truly unique videos showing inside the nests of solitary bee species with incredible footage of the various parasites they have to contend with.  George has an extraordinary knowledge about the biology and behaviour of these pests that plague bees and provides important insights into the best nests and how to protect solitary bees from these challenges”.  

“I’ll certainly be paying more attention to my own Nurturing Nature solitary bee nest boxes this coming spring and summer”. 


Attracting wild bumblebees to gardens: their nests, nest boxes, ecology, pests;


Red Mason bees: their ecology, nest boxes, their pests, parasites;


Attracting wild solitary bees to gardens;


Attracting wild bees (bumblebees and solitary bees) to gardens;




The Birds and the Bees! A presentation specifically asked for by a group secretary. How garden birds make their nests, court their females, how some bees are ousting birds from completed nests and the courtship of bees! With a dash of humour. Went down very well!


Feeding Wild Birds: How, when, what, why and potential harm/dangers to birds, has now been updated with recent research and videos; 


Garden birds and their behaviour: facts, myths, folk law;


Attracting wild birds to gardens: bird nest boxes, what to consider, what to make it from, siting it, likely occupants, why do it?


Wildlife Gardening


Gardening for Wildlife Preparation: “Give them a home” Practical suggestions e.g. creating a wildflower meadow, and other things for you to consider if you wish to attract wildlife to your garden;


Wildlife in a wildlife garden: “And they will come”. Does wildlife gardening work, what may you attract?




Worm Composting: what is it, what’s the difference between it and garden compost, are there advantages?


How to make Garden Compost: types, how to make it, why do I go wrong, usage, best practice, etc. Review here




Making natural Christmas wreaths: all natural materials used, with organic mince pies and background Christmas songs!