Kids, Liverpool firemen and vegetables!….part 1

January 6, 2011

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In the beginning….

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Red Watch Manager, Ian Holloway, along with the team of Firemen he leads at Speke Fire station, Liverpool, wanted to help promote a safer, stronger and healthier local community. The Firemen felt a practical way to achieve these aims would be to build a community allotment for young people living in the Speke area, helping them grow fruit and vegetables, helping them to learn about their environment, their food and their health.  They then set about raising funds and themselves did the hard as you shall see…..

After the beds were made, they were filled with soil and an area next to the fence had paving slabs laid down to make a path and working area, with another raised bed made along the length of the fence…….to extend the growing area.

raised beds awaiting filling with compost


Scaffolding planks and more soil continued the extension of the growing area along the fence…..

further extending the growing area and putting the land to good use

Paving slabs laid, wooden beds made, soil in place, now all that was needed was to develop a working partnership. Nurturing Nature and Rotters Community Composting were approached to provide the expertise and commitment, needed to ensure that the project could become a success.Then the most important element to the scheme was added….young eager pupils!!!

Helping youngsters achieve their potential!  What’s that crawling in the soil Miss?

Staff and pupils from Middlefield Community Primary School, Speke with myself.

Certificates for all the hard work at Speke Fire Station

With thanks to Middlefield School staff and pupils from the severe behavioural, emotional and social difficulties unit, Speke Firemen and Ruth from Rotters Community Composting

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