What is Ecotherapy? – Its potential Benefits

October 20, 2010

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a woodland walk

What could be more relaxing than hearing birds on this woodland walk?

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I am often asked what “Ecotherapy” is. Well in a nutshell it is simply “reconnecting with nature”. The Americans called it “Nature deficit!”. I think ecotherapy sounds better! Too often nowadays many people, including children, sit in front of tv, computers or their gaming machines. They rarely step outdoors except to go to work, school, shopping or wherever. The chance to relax and enjoy nature is simply not on the agenda for many people.

This report was presented at a conference for a large organisation that cared for people with mental health problems. It could equally apply to the vast majority of people today!  Download it here……Ecotherapy – Its potential benefits

I have run numerous ecotherapy courses for many people over the years. If you would like me to organise a course for you please contact me on:

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