National Trust Wild Flower Gardening Book by John Stevens. My inspiration

June 10, 2016

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National Trust Wild Flower Gardening Book by John Stevens

I bought this book when it very first came out. Being a terraced house dweller in Liverpool for my formative years, with no garden and an outside toilet, it made me realise what I had been missing had I lived in the countryside. When I owned a house with a garden, I tried tinkering with wild flower meadows, an annual cornfield meadow on a small scale and helped others to make their own. This picture was my inspiration from when I first saw it. I have had it in my head for years. It absolutely inspired me. A simple photograph motivated me to forget the half measures and little plots in the garden. I decided to grow have my own wildflower meadow. Can you blame me?

National Trust Wildflower Meadow book Nurturing Nature

At long last I have achieved it! My whole garden has wildflowers and a wildflower meadow. It is breathtaking, beautiful and boy is it buzzing!

From photo to reality!

From photo to reality!

Thank you John Stevens and the National Trust!

A month by month video is being made which I will share with you shortly!

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