Garden hedgehog decline, solution and success

March 1, 2016

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Hedgehogs are in decline. When did you last see one in your garden?

I am surprised that many people have never seen a living hedgehog. Road kill hedgehogs yes, but not living ones.. Why is this? They are declining. I don’t see as many dead on the roads as I used to do. Jan 2016 I saw 2 dead ones in the road, probably because of the mild winter, they woke up and went in search of scarce food.

A rare sight. Hedgehog in garden

A rare sight to many.  Hedgehog in my wildlife garden

Garden hedgehog decline – one reason

Garden hedgehog- solution

Garden hedgehog- success

Garden hedgehog- top 10 tips 

Garden hedgehog gravel board

Become a Hedgehog Champion

Read summary of the BTO State of Britain’s hedgehogs 2011         Download report here

Help them travel through your garden and not have to travel around it to get out. A hedgehog friendly fence helps!

Thanks!  George

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