Bee Summit Liverpool Guild of Students Bee Keeping Society

Join us for a day of activities to show you just how important bees are in our environment. We have workshops like bee identification and bee friendly seed bombing during the day and talks during the evening in the Mandela Room! The schedule for the talks is:

6-6.30 The Business of bees: an integrated approach to bee decline and corporate responsibility by Prof. Jill Atkins.

7-8 Is your bee hotel a nursery for pests and diseases? By

8-8.30 Already involved in helping bees in Liverpool? Sharing news and connecting the dots.

N.B. The free tickets are for the talks only and are used as for number monitoring purposes, other workshops are just a drop in.


Venue : Mandela Room

Type  Advice

Start Date Tuesday 14/3/17 -1800

End Date Wednesday 15/3/17  2100

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