WasteBuster wormery with flowers, a bumblebee and a butterfly

April 21, 2017

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Bumblebee, butterfly and flowers. What have they to do with a WasteBuster wormery?

From this……

This was a team effort by pupils and staff at Lyminge School in Kent – the children came up with the designs. The adults then drew them onto the wormery and painted it during the holidays.

WasteBuster Super Maxi Wormery

WasteBuster Super Maxi Wormery

I think all involved have grabbed the essence of worms and their value to our world.

Super Maxi WasteBuster with bumblebee

By recycling food waste and making vermicompost….

Super Maxi WasteBuster wormery with cartoon worm

The children can grow food and flowers…..

Super Maxi WasteBuster wormery with cartoon worm

pollinated by bees and butterflies……

Super Maxi WasteBuster wormery with butterfly

giving them seeds to grow food and flowers! Closing the loop!

Well done all at Lyminge School Kent.

Your worms are eager to see their new ‘friends on the wormery’ and will be following on soon!


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