Life in a compost heap- A bug’s life ( part 2)

January 25, 2011

in Composting, Gardening For Wildlife, Insects

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The 2nd article in this two part “closer look” at life in a compost heap. Many people have a compost heap in the garden and know very little of the life that exists in it!  A compost heap is similar to a huge city, teeming with life, death, decay, recycling and can contain many millions of soil-dwelling microbes, many still unknown to science and for which you would need a microscope to view. I can only mention here a small selection of the more important soil-dwelling organisms. This will hopefully give you some idea as to the complexity of life that exists in compost heaps and worm bins. Some of the unseen and unsung heroes of recycling !

This article was written together with a magazine called Resource a few years ago……These are the creatures that you can see. Some you may regards as pests !!!!!

But to do that you have to click here!! ……..A Bug’s life- compost creatures (2)

Compost- the heart of organic gardening and home to millions

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