How to make garden compost presentation to Manchester Organic Gardeners review

April 9, 2017

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Composting Presentation to Manchester Organic Gardeners

I had a busy day on Sat 9th April having just given a Wildlife Gardening presentation for Grow Wild at Prestatyn in the morning, I was off to give another presentation this time about making garden compost in the early afternoon.

The Composting Process – George Pilkington

MOG were pleased to welcome George Pilkington once again, himself a practising organic gardener and a Life member of Garden Organic. and the Soil Association, to our meeting. He came to speak about the Composting Process. Compost is dear to all gardeners’ hearts, but in particular organic gardeners, as we believe that we should feed the soil, not the plant – so this talk hit the spot!

Members enjoyed George’s lighthearted but knowledgeable talk, with photos and illustrations to demonstrate more clearly what he covered in his talk. He has a great deal of personal experience and knowledge which he was able to share with us in a simple, clear and amusing way. He shared his experiences on how to make compost in one month!! Somewhat shorter than all of us!

It takes you how long to make compost George?

A quick check by George revealed that all of us make our own compost, so we all knew the basics of how to make our own compost and the benefits of making and using compost. Nonetheless everyone enjoyed the opportunity to revisit the whole process again – from choosing the best compost bins; the compost “Cake” recipe; hot and cold compost making processes – the more effort (turning the compost) the faster the process becomes; microbes, worms … and great tips such as making “compost oases” when planting young plants; inoculating the next batch of compost with some from the existing batch to ensure that the microbes so essential for the process are transferred and get a head start with the next batch. All of us came away with new ideas to try and a renewed enthusiasm ourselves for the wonderful process of composting.

This talk would be appropriate for new gardeners as well as for more experienced composters such as our own group. I think even we, as organic gardeners, learnt something new about making compost!

Visit Manchester Organic Gardeners for more information about this active and very friendly group that make lovely cakes and delicious wholemeal scones!! They are the local branch of Garden Organic.

Other presentations

I am available to give your group this interesting presentation along with a whole variety of wildlife gardening talks and more. Contact me via email  nurturing-nature (@)

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