Predatory bird kills bumblebee queen After months of hibernating the bumblebee queen eagerly sets out to feed up and start her colony. It’s her life’s quest. Likewise, a predatory bird, probably a Great tit or even a robin, itself getting into breeding condition, sees her as an opportunistic meal.  That’s nature! Her sting and whole insides […]

Get HM Parliament to debate hedgehogs and do something useful for our declining wildlife for a change!! Sign the petition please, see below. Government response to the petition I signed: Give the hedgehog better legal protection in order to reverse its decline. We support measures to help hedgehogs. We do not believe it is appropriate to […]

Hedgehogs are in decline. When did you last see one in your garden? I am surprised that many people have never seen a living hedgehog. Road kill hedgehogs yes, but not living ones.. Why is this? They are declining. I don’t see as many dead on the roads as I used to do. Jan 2016 I saw 2 […]

My article “Do neonicotinoids affect other wildlife as well as bees? The new DDT?” made me realise that to keep abreast of this mounting evidence that they do affect other non targeted wildlife, I decided to collate science papers and corresponding press articles to allow people who don’t generally have access to the scientific knowledge enabling you to […]

Join Garden Bird Watch and get a wonderful Christmas present free!! Get a free copy of the acclaimed ‘Garden Birds and Wildlife’ book, worth £14.99, and the quarterly magazine Bird Table when you join Garden BirdWatch. Personally and in my opinion, this is one of the best wildlife gardening books available. It is the essential guide to […]

Aerial wasp attack on flying honey bee I have watched many wasps killing prey, whether they were flies, caterpillars or honeybees. However they have all been caught when the prey item was stationary on a flower or other stationary platform. This was my first encounter with the wasp actually catching the honeybee whilst both were in […]

Why did you buy your bee home? There has been a surge in the number and designs of bee houses (they are not hotels!) you can buy in garden centres. Alas many of them were designed for the wrong reasons. Some designs just don’t work, have harmful or minimal outputs for bees in terms of […]

Male Garden spiders, (Araneus diadematus) have a real ‘life’ choice to make! Well what do you do? The urge to pass your genes on could literally be the death of you! What a choice! Upon finding a female, the male cautiously and slowly approaches the female as she lays on her web. As he approaches […]

Sparrow numbers rise at garden feeders Research undertaken by the BTO has found that garden bird feeding is a driver involved in an evolutionary change in blackcaps. But what about other birds? I have been fortunate to have been involved in the Garden Bird Feeding Survey for number of years now. This is some of the research undertaken […]

Decline of insects Do you remember the days when you used to drive your car in the countryside during the summer and upon returning found the windscreen and front grill splattered with insects? They could be a real pain to clean from your car. As they years went by, I noticed less and less dead splattered […]