Why are you still awake? Rise in Hedgehog sightings due to late start to winter. Active Hedgehogs were being seen in gardens well into December, according to reports from the British Trust for Ornithology’s weekly Garden BirdWatch (BTO GBW) scheme. Volunteer Garden BirdWatchers reported more Hedgehogs in November and December than in previous years. Before […]

What do you really know about sparrowhawks? Other than them flashing by your kitchen window, flying away after an unsuccessful hunt or even a successful kill. There is so much more to learn about them. A top predator skilled in hunting its prey. But what do you really know about sparrowhawks? What do sparrowhawks eat? […]

Get HM Parliament to debate hedgehogs and do something useful for our declining wildlife for a change!! Sign the petition please, see below. Government response to the petition I signed: Give the hedgehog better legal protection in order to reverse its decline. We support measures to help hedgehogs. We do not believe it is appropriate to […]

Hedgehogs are in decline. When did you last see one in your garden? I am surprised that many people have never seen a living hedgehog. Road kill hedgehogs yes, but not living ones.. Why is this? They are declining. I don’t see as many dead on the roads as I used to do. Jan 2016 I saw 2 […]

Join Garden Bird Watch and get a wonderful Christmas present free!! Get a free copy of the acclaimed ‘Garden Birds and Wildlife’ book, worth £14.99, and the quarterly magazine Bird Table when you join Garden BirdWatch. Personally and in my opinion, this is one of the best wildlife gardening books available. It is the essential guide to […]

Filming hedgehogs safe inside my hedgehog feeding station Its great to have one hedgehog in your garden but to have two and film them eating makes my day! One has been visiting regularly for some time now. I noticed that sometimes ‘my hedgehog’ seemed to be getting smaller and was visiting at a different time than […]

If HS2 goes ahead what suggestions are there for wildlife?   “Whatever you measure it against -by Government legislation, guidance or rhetoric-the current proposals for HS2 fall very short when it comes to the environment. It is at odd with the ambitions for nature’s recovery expressed in many key policy documents such as the Natural Environment […]

Monitoring the health of British garden wildlife  Sadly it appears we know more about wildlife diseases in other countries than we do about our own garden wildlife pests and diseases! Watch this video. Get involved by monitoring the amphibians, hedgehogs, birds, plus get useful hints and tips from Garden Wildlife Health (GWH), a collaborative project between […]

The bird feeder and the persistent squirrel, a battle of wits!! Everytime the squirrel came, the birds stayed away from the bird feeder and the area around it. First I bought a bird pole squirrel guard, which worked. So the squirrel started to try and outsmart me! A continual battle of wits….and antics! “All my […]

“All my articles and videos, available free, are funded by my  teaching and sales of award winning bumblebee nest boxes, solitary bee boxes,  and wormeries. Please help by spreading the word and forwarding this link to your friends and colleagues.  Thank you” George Pilkington Road crossing mole Although I have seen a few mole hills rising before my very eyes and […]