Join Garden Bird Watch and get a wonderful Christmas present free!! Get a free copy of the acclaimed ‘Garden Birds and Wildlife’ book, worth £14.99, and the quarterly magazine Bird Table when you join Garden BirdWatch. Personally and in my opinion, this is one of the best wildlife gardening books available. It is the essential guide to […]

Why did you buy your bee home? There has been a surge in the number and designs of bee houses (they are not hotels!) you can buy in garden centres. Alas many of them were designed for the wrong reasons. Some designs just don’t work, have harmful or minimal outputs for bees in terms of […]

Sparrow numbers rise at garden feeders Research undertaken by the BTO has found that garden bird feeding is a driver involved in an evolutionary change in blackcaps. But what about other birds? I have been fortunate to have been involved in the Garden Bird Feeding Survey for number of years now. This is some of the research undertaken […]

Where are the insects on my car windscreen? Do you remember the days when you used to drive your car in the countryside during the summer and upon returning found the windscreen and front grill splattered with insects? They could be a real pain to clean from your car. As they years went by, I noticed […]

Blackbird builds her nest in my wildlife garden and has chicks Wooden fence panels to me are boring and almost useless for garden wildlife. They are transformed and much more interesting when clad in ivy and honeysuckle. I watched as the male blackbird keep guard whilst his partner built the nest. A few times he valiantly chased […]

The tiny wren finds food amongst the primroses Its not very often you are lucky to see a wren so close up and feeding, especially after an overnight frost and in such an open piece of ground. This was filmed through my office window. Troglodytes, troglodytes, meaning cave dweller, is usually found skulking around the […]

New research to help farmland birds Why I have put a farmland birds appeal on my website. Having spent my childhood, youth and early adult days about 2 miles from Liverpool city centre, in a terraced house with a back yard, outside toilet, no bathroom and not a tree or flower in sight, the countryside was a very […]

Cheshire Garden Bird Watch Ambassador available for talks George Pilkington ( 01925 452819 Help needed! If you can help distribute BTO Garden BirdWatch guides and leaflets or would like a talk then please get in touch! Selected previous activities Presentation Feb 2015 Bumblebee presentation GBW Ambassadors Conference   – Video: Nov 2013, Bowles’s Mauve – great flowering […]

Where are my Siskin visitors? I do get siskins on my garden feeders during the depths of winter but this year they have decided to stay in the countryside. Now I know why thanks to Clare Simm of the BTO Garden !   News Release 2015-04 January Missing: Garden Finches This winter has seen incredibly […]

The insects that made Christmas   Bah! Humbug! So what if all these wasps, midges, flies, bees and other insects all die out? What good are they anyway? Good riddance I say!  Oh! How often I hear these or similar words!! Well for starters Christmas would not be the same! —————————————————————————————————————- At least 15 elements of […]