If HS2 goes ahead what suggestions are there for wildlife?   “Whatever you measure it against -by Government legislation, guidance or rhetoric-the current proposals for HS2 fall very short when it comes to the environment. It is at odd with the ambitions for nature’s recovery expressed in many key policy documents such as the Natural Environment […]

Wildlife garden ponds are good for wildlife. Even though you may use a synthetic material to line your pond, you are creating a very natural type of habitat. Ponds have been around for millions of years. Such a lengthy period of time has enabled a huge number of plant and animal species to become adapted […]

Monitoring the health of British garden wildlife  Sadly it appears we know more about wildlife diseases in other countries than we do about our own garden wildlife pests and diseases! Watch this video. Get involved by monitoring the amphibians, hedgehogs, birds, plus get useful hints and tips from Garden Wildlife Health (GWH), a collaborative project between […]

Newts-what do the eat? Depends on whether they are on land or in a pond! See video of newts eating prey. What eats newts?

Nurturing Nature Environmental Education and Consultancy

Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be getting a lot more information up on the site to help you nurture your bit of nature.