Ivy a magnet for garden birds Something caught my eye the other morning moving around my raised beds. I waited and saw this single fledging Robin. It was just a few yards from a nest I watched the female make, and then watched the two parents busy to -ing and fro -ing with food for […]

Prof. Dave Goulson’s reply to Dr. Chris Hatfield of the National Farmer’s Union  Carrion Having walked many miles throughout farmlands, woodlands, marshes and the wider countryside, to be honest its not that often I find many dead birds or other animals for that matter. Nature deals with carrion which is an important food resource for many […]

Why are you still awake? Rise in Hedgehog sightings due to late start to winter. Active Hedgehogs were being seen in gardens well into December, according to reports from the British Trust for Ornithology’s weekly Garden BirdWatch (BTO GBW) scheme. Volunteer Garden BirdWatchers reported more Hedgehogs in November and December than in previous years. Before […]

My article “Do neonicotinoids affect other wildlife as well as bees? The new DDT?” made me realise that to keep abreast of this mounting evidence that they do affect other non targeted wildlife, I decided to collate science papers and corresponding press articles to allow people who don’t generally have access to the scientific knowledge enabling you to make […]

BTO state worst breeding season on record for Blue Tits in 2016 I am an avid bird feeder and enjoy, like many millions of other people, watching the birds and their antics in the garden. I have encouraged many birds to nest here as well, such as, Great Tits, and Robins as part of my wildlife garden. As food becomes […]

A pair of Bullfinches feeding upon Sorrel seeds in my wildflower meadow lawn Although they visit my garden for the bird feeder during the winter and spring months, it was great to see the pair of them visiting my new wildflower meadow and eating seeds of Common Sorrel that I deliberately left to seed early summer. […]

Its a moth not rust that’s affecting our conker trees Have you noticed whitish patches on the leaves of horse chestnut tree, which by the middle of summer, the whitish patches die and turn brown and you may believe that autumn has come early for the tree.  Sometimes whole trees turn brown, and it looks like autumn has come early. I have seen […]

What do you really know about sparrowhawks? Other than them flashing by your kitchen window, flying away after an unsuccessful hunt or even a successful kill. There is so much more to learn about them. A top predator skilled in hunting its prey. But what do you really know about sparrowhawks? What do sparrowhawks eat? […]

Predatory bird kills bumblebee queen After months of hibernating the bumblebee queen eagerly sets out to feed up and start her colony. It’s her life’s quest. Likewise, a predatory bird, probably a Great tit or even a robin, itself getting into breeding condition, sees her as an opportunistic meal.  That’s nature! Her sting and whole insides […]

Get HM Parliament to debate hedgehogs and do something useful for our declining wildlife for a change!! Sign the petition please, see below. Government response to the petition I signed: Give the hedgehog better legal protection in order to reverse its decline. We support measures to help hedgehogs. We do not believe it is appropriate to […]