Waste Buster Worm Tower Don’t have room for a compost bin or a wormery? Want to recycle your food waste and make a valuable enrichment to your garden soil? Then the Waste Buster Worm Tower is ideal for you…   Waste Buster Worm Towers house earthworms in your soil as they feed upon your kitchen […]

All my articles, videos and work are funded by my teaching and sales of award winning bumblebee nest boxes, solitary bee boxes,  and wormeries. Children from Year 3 have been taking part in the “Little Dibbers” project run by the local community organisation Arch and overseen by George Pilkington of Nurturing Nature Once a week, they visit the local allotments […]

Learning about bumblebees can be fun and giving children the freedom to express themselves can lead to a very interesting classroom session with some pleasantly surprising results!

The harvest was divided equally between all of the attendees, over the growing period. Not only did they all sow and grow the crops, but they took them home and were given lessons on home cooking and saved money as well on their weekly food bill. They were all hugely satisfied.

Ecotherapy- helping and supporting as part of the recovery process for people who misuse substances

Teaching students with mental health problems to make raised beds and grow organic vegetables at Lea Court, Warrington

Moreish marrows. Don’t compost them, cook them, they can be really tasty. Forget the boring mincemeat and cheese topping.Make better use of their ability to soak up tasty juices

Whole heartedly recommend rootrainers for growing trees, shrubs and some vegetables. Initially expensive but do represent great value for money longterm.

Rootrainers are used to grow overwinter onion sets defeating blackbirds in pulling out the onion sets from the soil in their search for earthworms