The magic of woodchips and earthworms in your vegetable beds I was prompted to write this article as I have so much information, experiences and photographs, just sitting on my Mac not being of use to anyone! Then I saw this Tweet and read “Agroforestry and using woodchip to improve soil health” in late October […]

Organic Gardening the Natural No-Dig Way At the very start of my organic gardening life, I was fortunate to come across Jack Temple’s book ‘Gardening without Chemicals’. I mixed that with Geoff Hamilton’s raised deep bed gardening ‘Gardeners World Vegetable book’ and a HDRA booklet about raised beds and off I went experimenting, reading, experimenting. […]

I have been gardening organically using the no-dig system since the mid-1980s and am a Life Member of the Good Gardeners Association. I have taught wildlife and organic gardening to many students and school children over the years. I am still learning myself! I am rather particular as to which books I read on these subjects. […]

Join the Soil Association and help protect the skin of our earth! Some time ago I had the great pleasure of teaching school children in Liverpool about organic and wildlife gardening on an allotment site. Alas after a for a few short years the funding ran out! We grew healthy organic crops and learnt about pests […]

Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen fruit and vegetables I don’t really want to have a cocktail of many different pesticides, weed and fungi killers on my fruit and vegetables. I don’t want to have to read and wade through reports to find them out either! I grow and do my best to buy organic foods. I […]

Nurturing Nature with South Liverpool Homes Group Residents Last spring, I was approached to teach a 6 week ‘taster’ organic and wildlife gardening course on behalf of the South Liverpool Homes Group  to be held at Dutch Farm where the Liverpool Food Alliance and Partners run their courses. Some of the students had grown a few, mainly […]

The insects that made Christmas   Bah! Humbug! So what if all these wasps, midges, flies, bees and other insects all die out? What good are they anyway? Good riddance I say!  Oh! How often I hear these or similar words!! Well for starters Christmas would not be the same! —————————————————————————————————————- At least 15 elements of […]

Does anyone remember Rachel Carson? Well I do! I found it rather depressing and think everyone should read it. I am often asked why I started to garden for wildlife and why I eat organic food whenever I have the choice. I usually use the analogy that if I owned a really nice top range expensive […]

 “Bees and Pollination’ presentation at the Pentland Science Park, Scotland The National Vegetable Society kindly invited me to give a presentation to over 100 of their members at the Pentland Science Park, about pollinating bumblebees, solitary bees, their ecology and nest sites. On display there I had the products I design, have manufactured and sell. Displaying […]

“All my articles AND videos, GIVEN TO YOU FREE, are funded by my  teaching and sales of award winning bumblebee nest boxes, solitary bee boxes,  and wormeries. Please help by spreading the word and forwarding this link to your friends and colleagues. Thank you” George Pilkington Growing organic vegetables on a disused back yard area This was the sight that […]