Slugs & snails

Spanish slug (Arion vulgaris) and SlugWatch web site In early spring 2012 a new species of slug, the Spanish slug, was identified for the first time in the UK, by Dr. Ian Bedford of the John Innes Centre, Norwich. It is thought it entered the UK on imported salad leaves, bare root trees or potted […]

Slugs and home made slug killing soup with nematodes I was made aware of a recent press article in the Daily Telegraph about a home made slug killing soup!  The article recommended making a homemade slug killing ‘soup’ by collecting 10-20 slugs and putting them into a bucket of water, add leaves and seal them […]

Predatory beetles, slugs and metaldehyde slug pellets Slugs, slug pellets and predatory ground beetles, what have they got to do with the decline of song thrushes? Read on and all will be revealed! When I was a part time mature student at university, I needed a topic for my MSc thesis. I decided to explore […]

Snail shells in nest material prompts me to research! Well it was my turn to make the evening meal. I also needed to clean out the tit bird boxes. So being thrifty and not wishing to waste anything, I decided to combine both activities and make birds nest soup! When looking through both the great […]