Working with Schools/Colleges

Garden Bumblebee Nest. Information from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust I have had many bumblebee nests in my wildlife garden sharing it with my family and dogs. Personally I showed my own children where the nests were to be found in the garden. Similarly on allotment sites where I taught children. We watched them together busy […]

Christmas wreaths from natural materials  We would like to invite you to the next ‘Memory Cafe’ at the National Wildflower Centre, run by WEA Tutor George Pilkington. The session will be held on Monday 14th December 2015, starting at 12:30pm with a finish time of 2:30pm. The room will be available from 12 noon. This is open to anyone and it’s […]

Workers’ Educational Association Students on an Ecology course I had the pleasure of introducing this knowledgeable and keen bird watchers group to the delights of the wider environment in which we, birds and other wildlife find ourselves and how each has its place in the web of life. The group have been together for many […]

A joint venture with the RSPB, Warrington Day Centre, Nurturing Nature and of course the peregrines! Students and staff on the Nurturing Nature course, from WDC attended Manchester recently to view the Manchester city peregrines. With the kind help of the wonderful RSPB staff and volunteers, our short trip was made much more interesting. We all learnt so […]

Solitary Bees and Wildlife Gardening: Bee-riffic! Bees are an integral part of the world in which we live, in in terms of crop pollination alone it was estimated that in 2006 wild pollinators such as bees contributed £603million of pollinating for UK farmers!  But despite their usefulness, bees are often taken for granted, and so […]

Hear this noisey bumblebee inside a poppy flower Many people have heard the sound of buzzing bumblebees inside flowers, but what exactly are they doing? It is called sonication and is a technique used by bumblebees to harvest more pollen from the flower anthers. They hold or touch the pollen laden anthers and rapidly vibrate […]

Teaching children that nature can be fun! 60 Manchester school children had a great fun day out in a local park. After completing bumblebee quizzes, mazes, word searches and other bee related activities it was time to roll up their sleeves and make mud balls! We mixed together water, clay, compost and wildflower seeds attractive […]

Teaching school children about bees and wildlife After consulting with myself as to the best way to teach school children about solitary bees and how important they are, Iwan Edwards of the North Wales Wildlife Trust, visited a number of schools in North Wales. They now have Nurturing Nature solitary bee observation nest boxes erected […]

Male bumblebees with yellow/pale faces! Male red tailed bumblebee, B. lapidarius Male bumblebees have no sting, so gently handling them ONLY if you are 110% sure they are males allows for close up photographs! Male B. lucorum with yellow face. Note lovely coloured bright yellow hairs….. A bee in the hand….B. lucorum male Sometimes I get […]

WEA Tutor Wins Green Award 15 November 2012 North West WEA tutor, George Pilkington, has been presented with a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice in the Wildlife and Conservation section for his company Nurturing Nature after competing against more than 500 other nominations.   George has been a WEA tutor since 1994, teaching […]