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No more insect splattered windscreens or grills “Where have all the flowers gone?” was a song I remember by Peter, Paul and Mary back in the 1960’s. One line states, ” Oh when will they ever learn?”After reading this article it reminded me of the song. “Where have all the insects gone?” is a question we […]

Join the Soil Association and help protect the skin of our earth! Some time ago I had the great pleasure of teaching school children in Liverpool about organic and wildlife gardening on an allotment site. Alas after a for a few short years the funding ran out! We grew healthy organic crops and learnt about pests […]

My article “Do neonicotinoids affect other wildlife as well as bees? The new DDT?” made me realise that to keep abreast of this mounting evidence that they do affect other non targeted wildlife, I decided to collate science papers and corresponding press articles to allow people who don’t generally have access to the scientific knowledge enabling you to […]

Christmas wreaths from natural materials  We would like to invite you to the next ‘Memory Cafe’ at the National Wildflower Centre, run by WEA Tutor George Pilkington. The session will be held on Monday 14th December 2015, starting at 12:30pm with a finish time of 2:30pm. The room will be available from 12 noon. This is open to anyone and it’s […]

Do you enjoy mowing your lawn?  Yes I know we have lost around 97% of our flower-rich meadows and in the whole scheme of things, my tiny lawn will not make much difference to that loss. However, it makes a significant difference to me, the interest and pure pleasure I derive from it. I know […]

Where are the insects on my car windscreen? Do you remember the days when you used to drive your car in the countryside during the summer and upon returning found the windscreen and front grill splattered with insects? They could be a real pain to clean from your car. As they years went by, I noticed […]

Blackbird builds her nest in my wildlife garden and has chicks Wooden fence panels to me are boring and almost useless for garden wildlife. They are transformed and much more interesting when clad in ivy and honeysuckle. I watched as the male blackbird keep guard whilst his partner built the nest. A few times he valiantly chased […]

New research to help farmland birds Why I have put a farmland birds appeal on my website. Having spent my childhood, youth and early adult days about 2 miles from Liverpool city centre, in a terraced house with a back yard, outside toilet, no bathroom and not a tree or flower in sight, the countryside was a very […]

Homemade mosquito trap for home or garden. I have seen mosquito type larvae in my pond where I do have predators to keep them in check. I like to have a Plan ‘B’ though! This video embassies typical mistakes that can be made and therefore not make this trap as effective as it could be. […]

Pollinator Abundance Network Join this group of scientists and non scientists, adults and children to help find out more about bees and our other pollinators! No doubt this partnership should be an interesting collaboration! For wildlife gardeners, organic gardeners and any other people interested in pollination. Places still available for this Citizen Science project. Never […]