My Recommendations

New Solitary Bees book Before writing the review, I asked Ted why he wrote the book bearing in mind he is better known for his bumblebee work and this was his reply: Since early childhood I’ve lived a passionate engagement with wildlife – often focussing on the small and close at hand. Insects, especially have always […]

Organic Gardening the Natural No-Dig Way At the very start of my organic gardening life, I was fortunate to come across Jack Temple’s book ‘Gardening without Chemicals’. I mixed that with Geoff Hamilton’s raised deep bed gardening ‘Gardeners World Vegetable book’ and a HDRA booklet about raised beds and off I went experimenting, reading, experimenting. […]

I have been gardening organically using the no-dig system since the mid-1980s and am a Life Member of the Good Gardeners Association. I have taught wildlife and organic gardening to many students and school children over the years. I am still learning myself! I am rather particular as to which books I read on these subjects. […]

Have bees affected our lives? On a very simplistic level, most of us know that bees provide us with fruit, honey and in the case of bumblebees, the sound of summer, with their buzzing as they busily brighten our blooms. We have formed an unequal partnership with bees for many 100s years. Typically it has, in the main, […]

A great day out at the Hive at Kew Gardens If you get the chance to visit the splendid gardens at Kew this year and possibly next year, you must visit the award winning Hive. I was n’t sure what to expect as I approached this huge gleaming ‘see through’ metal hive on stilts! It’s when I went underneath […]

Organic September and Nurturing Nature’s small contribution. As a Life Member of the Soil Association, I though I would do my small part in promoting Organic September.  A campaign to promote organic foods and drinks. I visited Daylesford Organic Farm. I felt I had to inform others about it. I have visited many organic farms and shops […]

What do you really know about sparrowhawks? Other than them flashing by your kitchen window, flying away after an unsuccessful hunt or even a successful kill. There is so much more to learn about them. A top predator skilled in hunting its prey. But what do you really know about sparrowhawks? What do sparrowhawks eat? […]

Hurray! At long last! Bees of Great Britain published!! Bees are a fascinating and indispensable group of insects, but many species are in decline, and efforts to help determine distributions and changes in abundance have to date been compromised by a serious lack of identification resources. This eagerly anticipated new addition to the highly acclaimed […]

From Academia to Sunday Times Bestseller! A Sting in the Tale The frustrated Professor! Prof. Dave Goulson is passionate about bumblebees. He is one of the UK’s top bumblebee researchers and probably the world as well! However he was frustrated. Why? He enjoys his job which involves writing papers, journals and increasing knowledge about bumblebees. But the world of being […]