Filming hedgehogs safe inside my hedgehog feeding station Its great to have one hedgehog in your garden but to have two and film them eating makes my day! One has been visiting regularly for some time now. I noticed that sometimes ‘my hedgehog’ seemed to be getting smaller and was visiting at a different time than […]

Hedgehog feeding up after a long hibernation Very nice to see a hedgehog in my garden so early in the year. I realise it must have hibernated not too far away… be interesting to find out! The peanut butter mixture proved very popular with dried mealworms, crushed sunflower hearts and moistened in water before being […]

Does anyone remember Rachel Carson? Well I do! I found it rather depressing and think everyone should read it. I am often asked why I started to garden for wildlife and why I eat organic food whenever I have the choice. I usually use the analogy that if I owned a really nice top range expensive […]

Monitoring the health of British garden wildlife  Sadly it appears we know more about wildlife diseases in other countries than we do about our own garden wildlife pests and diseases! Watch this video. Get involved by monitoring the amphibians, hedgehogs, birds, plus get useful hints and tips from Garden Wildlife Health (GWH), a collaborative project between […]

New hedgehog feeding station ‘feed and watch’ As with all of my product, this one has an educational aspect and is great for kids, who may only ever see a dead hedgehog in the road.  After several trials, this was designed (Registered Design) to enable people to watch and film their hedgehog visitors through a […]

Organic mulches provide a roof over the factory of life – the soil. Edited version of an article published in ‘Simply Vegetables’ spring 2013, magazine of the National Vegetable Society This article combines two of my passions, wildlife and composting. The value of mulching around trees, shrubs, hedges, herbaceous plants, etc., is well documented and should […]

“All my articles and videos, available free, are funded by my  teaching and sales of award winning bumblebee nest boxes, solitary bee boxes,  and wormeries. Please help by spreading the word and forwarding this link to your friends and colleagues. http://nurturing-nature.co.uk  Thank you” George Pilkington Seen a live hedgehog in your garden recently? Do you have concrete fence panels on top of […]

Hedgehogs and garden fences Our hedgehogs are in massive decline. That is why many people do not even see as many dead hedgehogs in roads anymore, quite simply there are less of them to kill. Hedgehogs not being seen in many gardens due to concrete fence panels was an article I wrote some time ago that is […]

Have you seen my new Hedgehog “Watch and Feed” station? See video taken in my garden! Does it work? Beautifully! As do all of my products!  I will donate £2 donated to hedgehog trusts/societies in the UK for each box sold. Hedgehogs in decline Many people love hedgehogs, yet surprisingly many people I speak to have never […]

Hedgehog unharmed in humane rat trap- bait them for rats not food likely to attract birds use and use only at night