Hedgehogs need Hedgehogs Highways and Homes. National Hedgehog Survey. This is the first ever national census of hedgehog houses, brought to you by Hedgehog Street: a national campaign from People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. This survey is in partnership with the University of Reading and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Hedgehog […]

Why are you still awake? Rise in Hedgehog sightings due to late start to winter. Active Hedgehogs were being seen in gardens well into December, according to reports from the British Trust for Ornithology’s weekly Garden BirdWatch (BTO GBW) scheme. Volunteer Garden BirdWatchers reported more Hedgehogs in November and December than in previous years. Before […]

My article “Do neonicotinoids affect other wildlife as well as bees? The new DDT?” made me realise that to keep abreast of this mounting evidence that they do affect other non targeted wildlife, I decided to collate science papers and corresponding press articles to allow people who don’t generally have access to the scientific knowledge enabling you to make […]

No milk or bread today. It makes hedgehogs ill! Many people now thankfully, know that bread and milk is a ‘no-no’ for hedgehogs. There are others who simply do not know it can be harmful for them. Being lactose intolerant, too much can give them diarrhoea! Download poster here   No-Milk-or-Bread with thanks to Royston Robertson Cartoons.  who kindly sent me […]

Get HM Parliament to debate hedgehogs and do something useful for our declining wildlife for a change!! Sign the petition please, see below. Government response to the petition I signed: Give the hedgehog better legal protection in order to reverse its decline. We support measures to help hedgehogs. We do not believe it is appropriate to […]

Hedgehogs are in decline. When did you last see one in your garden? I am surprised that many people have never seen a living hedgehog. Road kill hedgehogs yes, but not living ones.. Why is this? They are declining. I don’t see as many dead on the roads as I used to do. Jan 2016 I saw 2 […]

Join Garden Bird Watch and get a wonderful Christmas present free!! Get a free copy of the acclaimed ‘Garden Birds and Wildlife’ book, worth £14.99, and the quarterly magazine Bird Table when you join Garden BirdWatch. Personally and in my opinion, this is one of the best wildlife gardening books available. It is the essential guide to […]

Hedgehogs feasting in my wildlife garden! Hedgehogs have been visiting my garden since April. There were 2 adults followed by 2 hoglets later in the year. In the video, you will see how much the hoglets have increased in size. Aug. 10. Not seen the 3 feeding together again since I filmed them, probably went […]

Noisey Hedgehog courtship ritual and hoglets! Hedgehogs have been visiting my garden since April. After having the opportunity to film 2 hedgehogs feeding together in late May, I was even more fortunate to go outside later and hear the courtship ritual and then saw the smaller male circling around the female, nudging her every so […]

Our Hedgehogs are decling faster than tigers! I’m sure you would agree whether you are a wildlife gardner or not, seeing hedgehogs roaming in your own garden is a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, they are rapidly declining. In the 1950’s it was estimated there were in Great Britain, over 30 million. In 1995 there were an estimated […]