George Pilkinton of Nurturing Nature; How to Make Garden Compost Sunday 24th September                                11:00pm to 12:30pm Making Garden Compost is like making a cake! You need the right ingredients, an ‘oven’, the right amounts, mix and away you go! This […]

Bumblebee, butterfly and flowers. What have they to do with a WasteBuster wormery? From this…… This was a team effort by pupils and staff at Lyminge School in Kent – the children came up with the designs. The adults then drew them onto the wormery and painted it during the holidays. I think all involved have grabbed […]

Composting Presentation to Manchester Organic Gardeners I had a busy day on Sat 9th April having just given a Wildlife Gardening presentation for Grow Wild at Prestatyn in the morning, I was off to give another presentation this time about making garden compost in the early afternoon. The Composting Process – George Pilkington MOG were […]

The magic of woodchips and earthworms in your vegetable beds I was prompted to write this article as I have so much information, experiences and photographs, just sitting on my Mac not being of use to anyone! Then I saw this Tweet and read “Agroforestry and using woodchip to improve soil health” in late October […]

Organic Gardening the Natural No-Dig Way At the very start of my organic gardening life, I was fortunate to come across Jack Temple’s book ‘Gardening without Chemicals’. I mixed that with Geoff Hamilton’s raised deep bed gardening ‘Gardeners World Vegetable book’ and a HDRA booklet about raised beds and off I went experimenting, reading, experimenting. […]

Another invasive flatworm arrived from imported pot plants Why we import plants is beyond me when we have plant breeders and nurseries here? Trade like this has once again let us and our wildlife down. It poses yet another threat to our wildlife, even though they are earthworms. Earthworms make the soil in which we […]

Join the Soil Association and help protect the skin of our earth! Some time ago I had the great pleasure of teaching school children in Liverpool about organic and wildlife gardening on an allotment site. Alas after a for a few short years the funding ran out! We grew healthy organic crops and learnt about pests […]

Want to know how to make Garden Compost? Burton & Rossett Horticultural Society aims to encourage good horticultural and gardening practices in the local area, through a variety of talks, workshops and outings, as well as two annual shows. After his successful and entertaining  Garden Bumblebee presentation last year, George from Nurturing Nature, is returning to […]

Flint and District Beekeepers Presentation I enjoy giving presentations to honeybee keepers. Many of them are keen ‘experts’ in honeybees and very knowledgeable about them. Its rather nice when they ask me to tell them about garden bumblebees or solitary bees. I loosely class my self as a wild beekeeper! So its nice to exchange […]

Does anyone remember Rachel Carson? Well I do! I found it rather depressing and think everyone should read it. I am often asked why I started to garden for wildlife and why I eat organic food whenever I have the choice. I usually use the analogy that if I owned a really nice top range expensive […]