Wood mouse babies born in humane mouse trap!

May 24, 2011

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A wood mouse inside Trapman humane mouse trap- (its tail is to the left)

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A female wood mouse has been trapped in the humane mouse trap by Trapman for a few hours. I deliberately feed and water any mice I have using the ‘temporary lodgings’.


baby wood mice a few hours old-still blind and very pink!

However unbeknown to me, a trapped female was pregnant and gave birth to five cute, blind and hairless babies. What was I to do now? They were all moved to a larger box and placed in a quiet corner of the garden. Over the weeks they eventually could be seen in the garden running around. Eventually one by one they were all captured in the humane mouse traps and released into the wild after me collecting more bumblebee bedding material!!

wood mouse babies

This is why it is so important to regularly check humane mouse traps. Set them in cool shaded areas as the sun could soon heat up and the mice may die of thirst.

Trapman mouse traps


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Erica March 2, 2012 at 3:11 pm

The same thing just happened to me this morning! I have been using humane mouse traps for a few days now after a traumatic experience with a glue trap a terminex guy put down, and I had no idea what to do! I called my vet and (after a group laugh from the whole crew there) she told me to put them in a box with a hole far from my house and let nature take its course. I made a little hut behind my tool shed about 30 yards from my back door (knowing full well they’ll probably make their way inside when they’re older, but I’ll deal with that later) and was all ready to let mom and babies be, but the second (and I mean the second) I opened the trap the mom made a run for it! All the other mice I let go in the neighboring woods slowly and hesitantly left the trap, but then eventually ran off-but not her. She jumped on my arm and was off like a bullet! I carefully (and without touching them) rolled the babies together in the towel lined box and put the lid on. I trust and hope they will survive if the mom returns…but will she?


nurturingnature March 2, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Will they survive? Difficult one that Erica.I literally opened the mouse and gently tipped them out under a log all wrapped up, mother too. I suspect she did come back if she was near enough to hear them calling, but one can never tell.Just show regularly we need to check our humane traps! I saw a mouse eating her young once on TV or video just prior to a cat finding them. She ate them herself, to deprive the cat but for the protein she would get from them. They do breed like……mice!


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