Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, the ‘B’ team and Wildlife Gardening Event

April 22, 2013

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George Pilkington, Bee Strawbridge, Ron Rock and Stafford FOE helping to spread the buzz at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust 

The Trust played host to a Gardening for Wildlife event at the Wolseley Visitor Centre, once the ancestral home of the Wolseley family, now their headquarters set in beautiful wildlife grounds. Well worth a visit. Also present was the Butterfly Conservation Society and the Bat Conservation Trust, along with other countryside themes. A great family day out.


George Pilkington at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

George Pilkington with his array of award winning wildlife and wild bee products, newly designed by George

Ron Rocks bumblebee info stand

An informative stand presented by Ron Rock, a knowledgeable bee enthusiast and staff member of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

George Pilkington and Ron Wood

George Pilkington and Ron Rock, a bit of male buzzing together!

George Pilkington answering wild bee questions

George Pilkington answering wild bee questions.

George Pilkington, Bee Strawbridge and Ron Wood. Got any bee questions?

Ron Rock, Brigit “Bee” Strawbridge and George Pilkington-  3 bees in a pod!!

Brigit Strawbridge gives informative and interesting talks about wild bees and was on hand to deliver a bee talk and keep us men in hand!!

For more information about bumblebees, better still join us!!

Photographs with thanks to Ben Malkin.

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