Professor David Goulson: Bumblebee ecology and conservation video

January 12, 2015

in Bumblebees and their ecology, Gardening For Wildlife

Prof. Dave Goulson talks about bumblebees, food, organic gardening & neonicotinoids

For people that know me, I have been practicing organic and wildlife gardening since the mid 1980s and caring for the environment whenever I can. Many people have heard me when I give talks, when I teach and also visit my web site, (Thanks!). Now things have moved on and more people far more qualified than me are spreading a similar message much more eloquently and with much more impact! This is great news! Over the past few years, Prof. Dave Goulson has taken the cudgel up on behalf of bumblebees. This is a short informal interview which covers quite a lot and is well worth a few minutes of your time.

Bumblebee pollinating onion Nurturing Nature


So you like onions with your burger? Bumblebee pollinating an onion flower.

watch video below

Prof. Goulson has his own blog here, foundered the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and has written two first class book, A Sting in the Tale and A buzz in the Meadow.

Thanks to Science Nutshell  the latest science publications, research and news in a nutshell

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Ann Spencer-Wyatt January 12, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Hi George,
Hope you enjoyed the festive season, happy new year too.
Really enjoyed Dave’s blog. His book “A Sting in the Tale” is a great read, recently started to read A buzz in the Meadow. Looking forward to your e-mails this coming year, looking forward the seeing the bees too. Found catkins and snow drops in flower this weekend, just hope the weather is good for our bees and insects, as a bit early yet for them to enjoy these early flowers. We have reinstated an old drainage ditch (circa 1840’s we think) as we have the old ridge and furrow system in our field. We have also dug a pond so looking forward to what might take up residence over the next few years. Going to put some meadow seed on ditch spoil too, hoping to encourage more visitors of all kinds.
Best Wishes


nurturingnature January 13, 2015 at 9:27 am

Hi Ann, I hope you like his video which I have just sent.Sounds like a great project so you will be busy this year! I will send you a video which I am sure you will find really useful. Best wishes, George


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